Jeans Re-Design

Transforming fashion towards a circular economy requires new ways to create and make clothes, so they can be durable, recyclable and made with good materials.

The Jeans Redesign is creating solutions for a world where clothes never become waste. Over sixty leading brands, manufacturers, and fabric mills are using our Jeans Redesign Guidelines to produce jeans that will be available on the market by May 2021.

The guidelines establish the minimum requirements for the durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability of denim jeans, as set out with over 80 denim experts.

By employing the principles of a circular economy, the Jeans Redesign ensures positive impacts for the environment, society, and the health of those people working in its industry.

So what’s different?

These new circular jeans are made:

.to be used longer

.to be made again - their design means they can become new jeans when customers no longer want them

.in a way that is better for garment workers and the environment by avoiding harmful chemicals and production processes

This is just the beginning of a circular economy for fashion

The Jeans Redesign is a great example of how ALL clothing can be made from safe and renewable materials, improved business models can increase the use of clothing items, and old clothes can be turned into new.

As Ereks/Blue Matters, we’re one of the sixty leading brands, manufacturers, and fabric mills using the Ellen MacArthur foundation’s Jeans Redesign Guidelines to produce circular jeans. We set our ambitious target through sustainable and circular future!


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