Denim Deal

Ereks - Blue Matters signed the Denim Deal. A Green Deal on Circular Denim. We are proud to be part of this collaborative initiative that unites all key players in the value chain to close the loop and thus bring really sustainable systemic change.The Dutch ‘Denim Deal’ sets industry standard for sustainability: From polluting denim industry to clean jeans signatories commit to international collaboration towards ‘Closing the Loop’ to make Post-Consumer Recycling of Textiles, PCR, the New Denim Industry Standard. The new international collaboration has been signed by 30 parties, including the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Municipalities of Haarlem and the Zaanstad.

The Denim Deal states that various clothing brands together make three million denim garments containing 20% ​​recycled textiles by 2023. All parties work together towards the standard of at least 5% recycled textiles in all denim garments. From production companies, brands and retailers, but also collectors, sorters, cutters and weavers. By working together we can make a positive impact!

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