Ereks opens Blue Matters green production facility in Turkey


Ereks opens Blue Matters green production facility in Turkey


The Blue Matters Responsible Production Platform from Turkey’s Ereks Garment and Era Denim group is launching internationally this week. The fully-integrated green production facility is designed for sustainable and customised denim washing technology; it includes a development centre, sustainable washing production unit, sewing unit and finishing unit.

Collaborations are already underway with denim mills and the resulting collections are expected to launch in Europe and the US in early 2021.

“In 2010, we started to produce jeans in a sustainable way (with organic and recycled contents, fabrics, trims and eco-washes),” said Erek’s Romain Narcy. “In 2020, we reviewed our strategy and decided to go circular by 2030, and that’s why we decided to build our own development and washing centre.”

The facility is launching internationally this week during Copenhagen Fashion Summit, October 12-13. Ereks said the new facility focuses on six ‘pillars’: reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, renew and regenerate. The group, which launched in 1985 and is located primarily in Turkey, is said to produce 150,000 pieces per month and has a staff of 550.

‘’We are open to all kinds of collaborations — collection, workshop, education — with brands, chemical suppliers and fabric mills at Blue Matters,” said Eylem Temizkan, head of sales and marketing. “The only condition should be that output is done according to sustainable guidelines.” Here is the link.

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