We Produce More Than a Pair of Jeans:

Denim is creativity, self-expression, liberty, openness, coolness, stillness, uniqueness

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maXImum detaIl and superIor qualIty

We produce HIGH QUALITY denim and washed woven garments. We have an extensive knowledge and experience in fast fashion and premium denim business. Thanks to our organization skills and our know-how, we can achieve innovation, design, R&D, maximum detail and superior quality levels with the same performance whether for 300 units or 30.000 units.

Expertıse of Excellence
Productıon Process
Extensive knowledge about every step of the production process
Qualıty & control
Higly effective in-house quality & control team
Rısk Assessment
Regular Production Risk Assessment Meetings
High capacity of flexibility about the quantity
Trendsetter Creatıve Desıgn
Working with different external designers
Collectıon Development
Capacity to develop fast changing collections by watching trends
Two in-house showrooms of 925 sqm
Collectıon Creatıon
16 collections per year (women-men)
Sustaınable Research & Development
washıng and Dyeıng
High level of washing and dyeing expertise
Washıng Department
In-house washing department and team
Collaboration with international washing and dyeing experts
Participation to International Washing Trend Workshops on a regular basis.