EREKS was founded in Istanbul in 1985 by professionals who had been active in all stages of production in the textile and readymade sector, starting from cotton. The founding team has always attached value to a holistic view of the sector. It has developed innovative approaches and techniques; and implemented these in its production facilities, resulting in their widespread use throughout the sector.  It has been involved in sector NGO’s in order to support the development of the sector not only in the supply chain but also in the value chain by leading the conception and implementation of education projects. The team has always believed human interaction and face to face communication to be the most important success factor in the readymade sector. At a time when EREKS was to about reach an optimal size, it carried out a horizontal expansion in order to achieve effective quality control and high productivity. ERA DENIM was thus founded in 2011. This second company produces men and women denim and washed woven sportswear for  various local & international markets with a high level of quality and service.